December 30, 2016

Are these Changing Attitudes a Planetary Immune Defense?

Well, we are part of the planet first and foremost, above everything else I am about to describe.  Countries are merely created by people.  Beliefs are all made up!  These exist only in human minds.  They keep changing!

Separate countries, religions, and beliefs are dams, blinders, and prisons against everyones' true oneness with the planet.

We are nothing else than a society learning to be one with our planet.  Next, we might learn to be one with the stars as well.  We have a long path for planetary recovery first!  Maybe this is the progression of a planetary civilization, who knows?!

We are primarily belonging to the surroundings of our planet.  Our bodies are made of planet stuff, not "this or that country" stuff.  Can any of you be made of a religion?

We are tiny parts of the planetary surface!  It is so obvious that we completely ignore it.  Does it freak us out too much?  It is amazing that we ignore it.  Are we so brainwashed against this?  If our star hits us wrong, if our atmosphere makes a quick change, we are all fucking wiped out.  This MUST turn our respect to the planet and stars.

It seems obvious that we are tiny little bacteria, spores, or viruses on this giant planet - being.  Are we being pushed in a direction to change our ways BY our host planet body?  Is our humanity finally ready to not only protect the surface of our planet, but its atmosphere?

Each of us can decide to not only protect and enhance our close surroundings in a shifting focus.  We can decide to also enhance our planet.  The little trash we pick up, the more sustainable we are, and the little plants we grow all add to enhancing the planet.

In this way, we might grow to learn to protect and flower our solar system.  It seems like an old lesson we are being taught in this new global society.

This still seems the only way to proceed into our shared human future.  The nuclear war - waste land scenario fades away with each person that chooses peace in the now.  More and more are realizing that the planet needs us to repair it, NOT our countries and belief systems.  If you want to justify it, maybe your God would want us to care for our planet over judging and attacking each other.  Maybe all Gods want this?

It seems the "human unity" idea is less needed than "humanity united under the earth and sun".  Some comments would be nice, too.

January 28, 2014

Anarcho Taoism 6: Work Serves the Hierarchs

All hierarchy is manufactured.
Hierarchy only serves the Hierarchs.

This one way flow is slavery.
Free people need no reassuring.
They are simply free without being told they are.

The gates of Dachau read, "freedom through work"
A more apt slogan: "working to death is freedom".

If you must do hated work to escape your circumstances, you are enslaved.

Fighting the Hierarchs empowers them.
Turn your back on their rules instead.

Forge your own new way.
Your heart and intuition know what to do.

Ignore the distractions that the Hierarchs place in front of you.
Slaves work, watch TV, and consume their environment because they are taught to do so.

You only need yourself and your community to be happy and productive.

January 26, 2014

Anarcho Taoism 5: We Belong to Earth

We belong to the Earth.
The Earth belongs to the Sun.

The Sun belongs to the galaxy.
The galaxy belongs to the galaxy cluster.
The cluster to the Universe.

We have destroyed the Earth because we make the Earth into property.

Owning land is absurd.
How deep is this land you own?  To the center of the planet?

Shall we write deeds for parts of the solar system and galaxy?
How long before we destroy those too?

Seeing that the Earth owns us, we are compelled to be its caretakers and preservers.

In preserving the Earth, humanity shall flourish!

January 25, 2014

Anarcho Taoism 4: Relase Your Masters

Everything we see is physical.
Everything we see is also spiritual.

Everything physical is vibrating energy.
Everything spiritual is also vibrating energy.

Therefore all is one.

With this being so, how can someone rule over another?
We rule ourselves if we are responsible for ourselves.

Release your masters without need to fight them.
Let them scream into an empty room.

January 23, 2014

Anarcho Taoism 3: Release into Your Joys

What did you love as a youngster?  What happened to it?  Do that!

What would you do all day if money were no object?

What do you always wish you could do?

What do you desperately want to learn, but won't?

What talents do you hold back because of what others may think?

Answer these to find your new contributions.

My joy is philosophy, blogging, and logic!

Practice and share your joys and passions. 

Release all that is destroying you.  Be brave. 

Fuck what anyone thinks.

They are addicted to their misery.  Turn your back.

Let them be destroyed in their misery.  Their souls are perfectly fine.

Decouple yourself, no matter the cost.

The Earth awaits.

Anarcho Taoism 2: Planet Earth

Place the Earth above all humans.

All the Beings of Earth shall flourish in this way.

Humans must be the stewards of our home world if anything is to continue.

Our time as the parasite race is passed.

Symbiosis with each other and all beings of Earth makes more sense.  A beneficial partnership.

Anarcho Taoism 1: Nature and Suffering

We suffer when we are forced to do things we don't like.

We go against our nature and all nature in order to survive.

Our new life tasks will be our passions.

Dispense with forced jobs.

Carry out your joys for the benefit of the planet and your surroundings and you will greatly benefit.

This can be called cultivating your joy.