January 28, 2014

Anarcho Taoism 6: Work Serves the Hierarchs

All hierarchy is manufactured.
Hierarchy only serves the Hierarchs.

This one way flow is slavery.
Free people need no reassuring.
They are simply free without being told they are.

The gates of Dachau read, "freedom through work"
A more apt slogan: "working to death is freedom".

If you must do hated work to escape your circumstances, you are enslaved.

Fighting the Hierarchs empowers them.
Turn your back on their rules instead.

Forge your own new way.
Your heart and intuition know what to do.

Ignore the distractions that the Hierarchs place in front of you.
Slaves work, watch TV, and consume their environment because they are taught to do so.

You only need yourself and your community to be happy and productive.

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